The Hood River County Energy Council has convened a County-Level Infrastructure (CLEVI) committee of relevant decision-makers to facilitate and accelerate EV infrastructure planning all around the county. The report that’s linked here summarizes the committee’s initial recommendations for electric vehicle infrastructure strategies and charging locations throughout Hood River County. 

Because the technologies and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly evolving, this study is envisioned to evolve over time to incorporate the latest trends and opportunities (with a multi-decade horizon), and to be periodically updated by the Energy Council with inputs from the CLEVI committee or others.

 CLEVI Conceptual Study: Updated April 3, 2024

We anticipate that state policy and market forces will lead to the electrification of nearly all of the 25,000 light- and medium-duty vehicles in Hood River County within 20 years. The EVs will be here, but permitting and procurement lead times imply that charging network build outs should be accelerated immediately. And because infrastructure additions are expensive, we propose a “dig once” strategy, which plans for all the chargers necessary throughout the county in 2045.

This study summarizes our recommendations for a full build out of charging locations in Hood River County. We expect to refine and enhance these recommendations over time as fleet growth and options for chargers, permitting, and funding become clearer, especially for households in multi-unit dwellings. We expect that chargers will generally be installed in increments as the fleet grows, and that early planning for an eventual buildout will minimize any rework of the power delivery infrastructure or the parking spaces involved.