A blueprint for increasing benefits related to energy use and reducing emissions from the burning of fossil fuels in Hood River County

About the Hood River County Energy Council

The Hood River County Energy Council is a community-led advisory body that supports development and implementation of the Hood River County Energy Plan in collaboration with the governing bodies that adopted the plan: Hood River County, the City of Hood River, the Port of Hood River, and the Port of Cascade Locks.

The 11-member council includes representatives from all four governing bodies and Energy Council–appointed community members with expertise and interest in energy topics. Council members work with stakeholders to advance the Energy Plan through subcommittee work, fundraising, and strategic planning.

Goals of the Energy Plan

Fossil Fuel Reduction

Replace 30%, 50%, and 80% of power generated from fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy in buildings, water systems, and transportation by 2030, 2040, and 2050 respectively as compared with 2016 levels.

Improve Resiliency & Energy Independence

Generate 50% of the county’s energy needs from local, diversified energy sources and storage capacity by 2050. Increase overall capacity price security, energy generation control and stability, and provide key services in the event of emergency.

Local Investment

Strategically develop and utilize $25 million in revolving funds by 2025 to enable local projects and create a business environment that supports the Energy Plan’s goals.

Latest News

Energy Plan Community Benefits

  • The Energy Plan helps Hood River County plan our energy future in a way that works for us using solutions that are specific to our small, rural community.
  • The Energy Plan looks to bring good jobs, clean power, economic benefits, and public health benefits to the area’s residents.
  • The Energy Plan helps our community mitigate risks associated with climate change and prepare for natural disasters..
  • The Energy Plan gives local government a framework for addressing complex, interconnected problems through collaboration.

Energy Plan–Adopting Governing Bodies